Essential Safety Products for Workplace Safety

An environment with a high emphasis on safety contributes to higher levels of productivity and efficiency. There are several benefits associated with a safer workplace, including improved morale and trust, increased productivity and efficiency due to reduced downtime resulting from injuries and illnesses. Therefore, promoting a culture of workplace safety has become one of the most important corporate initiatives. Globally, the number of workplace accidents is increasing, and as a result, investments in quality safety products and fostering an environment that prioritizes safety are increasingly becoming the norm in almost every industry, with some companies engaging their own in-house HSE personnel to ensure that workplace safety is adhered to.

Safety products from various brands can be found off-the-shelf to meet a variety of workplace safety requirements. Here, we will be exploring some of our recommended best-selling safety products.


1. Protective Eyewear


 The use of protective eyewear, such as safety glasses or goggles, prevents any harmful substances or debris from entering your eyes and offers an effective form of protection against UV light and foreign debris. Safety glasses featuring a wraparound design provides additional eye protection while providing a clear view of the surroundings. Various styles and lens colours are available to suit a variety of needs. Best suited for grinding, chiselling, drilling, sawing, machining job, etc.

2. Hand Gloves


 It is important and essential for workers to wear the right safety gloves to prevent any hand injury at the dangerous workplace. Choosing the right materials and cut level for your specific tasks can prevent any risks of hand injury. Most of the mechanical work gloves are built with great features such as touch screen compatibility and breathable material for all day wear. Heat resistant gloves are designed to protect workers from extreme heat, high temperatures, dangerous hot surfaces or any works that involve fires. Other forms of hand protection may feature cut resistance or impact resistance as well.

3. Respiratory Protection


Respirators are essential safety products used to protect workers against harmful chemicals, smoke and gases at the hazardous workplace. 3M's N95 disposable face masks are designed to filter at least 95 percent of airborne particles. These masks are ideal for use in dusty environments as well as combating the Covid19 virus. The N95 face mask is the most commonly used type of surgical mask to prevent infection and the spread of virus during pandemics. Another option for the respirator will be the 3M half mask respirator which comes with dual filters and adjustable straps to provide a comfortable and reliable respiratory protection with personalized fit.

4. Safety Helmet


Safety helmets or commonly known as hard hats are basic safety requirements at any worksite. The helmets are designed to protect against falling objects as well as provide extra protection to the side of the head and shield the eyes from any potential impacts. Helmets come in a variety of styles, colours and sizes to accommodate different requirements of the wearer. There are many hard hat safety accessories that are available nowadays, such as lanyards for hard hats, ratchet suspension system for better fit and sun shades that can be attached to hardhats to provide a form a sun protection to the wearer.

5. Protective Cases



Built to protect. The protective cases are engineered with durable materials and innovative technology, providing the best protection for any sensitive equipment against extreme conditions. From small sensitive components to electronic devices, protect your stuff in a crushproof, dustproof and watertight protective case from Pelican. Pelican’s protective cases are available in a wide range of sizes and the custom foam solution is designed to easily suit users’ requirements.

6. Flameless Cigarette Lighters


Ciglow’s flameless cigarette lighters are safe alternative to traditional lighters. They utilize advanced flame-free technology that provides users with safe, reliable and convenient lighting options. It is ideal for use in a workplace with a “No Lighter, No Naked Flames” policy and helps to confine smoking to a specific area. Ciglow lighters come with a diverse range of designs and features ideal for use in all areas including industrial sites, oil rigs, oil refineries or factories.

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